Toki no Tabibito: Time Stranger


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Toki no Tabibito: Time Stranger
An adventure game based on an anime film of the same name, published for the Famicom by Kemco.

Toki no Tabibito "Time Stranger" is an adventure game with a heavy emphasis on text commands and dialogue, similar to other NES adventure games like Portopia Serial Murder Case or Hokkaido Serial Murders: Fade to Okhotsk.

Unlike Portopia and its sequels, there is very little detective work to be done. The player simply visits important people throughout Japanese history as a time-travelling cop, answering their questions and incrementally moving forwards through time towards the present. Most of the game is depicted in a first-person mode where the other person sits across from the main character, who then asks and answers questions. There are a few third-person sequences where the player must get back inside their spaceship-like time machine before it leaves.

While there are a few branching paths depending on dialogue choices taken, the game's narrative is fairly linear.
Players: N/A
Co-op: No
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Kemco
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Mr. Eighties
Apr 29, 2023
Never heard of this video game. This version was for the Nintendo NES. There’s a lot of various video games that have the word Toki in it.