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  1. Pete

    Urban Champion

    I don’t remember Urban Champion. Do any of you?
  2. Pete


    Any of you remember the game Flicky? I never heard of it but then again I didn’t have Sega during the 80s. I was all about my Nintendo NES.
  3. Pete

    Wrecking Crew

    Wrecking Crew was a fun one. Do you remember it?
  4. Pete

    Hogan's Alley

    Hogan’s Alley was an 80s video game that was released in 1985 by Nintendo for its NES. I personally had fun with this one. There was lots of shooting, missing and cursing back when I used to play it. Do you remember it?
  5. Pete


    In 1989 Nintendo released the video game Tetris for its NES. Before that it was released for various computer systems such as the Commodore 64.
  6. Pete


    Gyromate was an 80s video game released by Nintendo for its NES in 1985. The game was also released for Sega Genesis and other game consoles throughout the years.
  7. Pete


    Tennis was an 80s video game released by Nintendo for its NES. I had this game and played it near and there. Do you remember this video game?
  8. Pete

    Donkey Kong 3

    Donkey Kong 3 was an 80s video game released by Nintendo. In 1983 an arcade version was released. 1984 it was released in Japan and in 1986 for the U.S.
  9. Pete

    Kid Icarus

    Kid Icarus was an 80s video released by Nintenfor its NES in 1987. I had this game but I never really got into it from what I remember.
  10. Pete

    Wild Gunman

    The Wild Gunman is a shooter video game released by Nintendo for NES in 1985. That was a fun game to play. I always enjoyed playing shooter type games.
  11. Pete

    Clu Clu Land

    Clu Clu Land is a 1984 video game released by Nintendo for its NES game system. It‘s about a sea urchin that goes around stealing treasures. Do any of you remember it?
  12. Pete

    Ice Hockey

    Ice Hockey was a video game that was first released in 1981 for the Atari 2600. It was also released in 1989 for Nintendo as well.
  13. Pete

    Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

    Mike Tyson’s Punch Out was one of my favorite Nintendo video games. Till this day I have never beat Tyson lol. I play it from time to time. I make it to Tyson but boom! He always manages to catch me with us upper cut. One day I’ll beat him. One day.