Under the Blade (1982)


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Mr. Eighties
Apr 29, 2023
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Title: Under the Blade
Artist: Twisted Sister
Genre: Heavy Metal
Released: 1982

1 - What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You) - 4:45
2 - Bad Boys (Of Rock 'n' Roll) - 3:19
3 - Run for Your Life - 3:27
4 - Sin After Sin - 3:22
5 - Shoot 'em Down - 3:52
6 - Destroyer - 4:15
7 - Under the Blade - 4:39
8 - Tear It Loose - 3:07
9 - I'll Never Grow Up Now! - 4:08
10 - Day of the Rocker - 5:00

Under the Blade is the debut studio album by American heavy metal band Twisted Sister, released on Secret Records on September 18, 1982. (U.S. Sales Certification - Gold). It featured a very brutal and rough sound which was eventually totally ignored on a remixed re-release by Atlantic Records on July 14, 1985. The re-release also had a remixed version of the song "I'll Never Grow Up Now" added. The Atlantic Records release was both a try to emphasize on the commercial success of Stay Hungry and, by then (and for years to come) the only official way to get the album as Secret Records were no more.
I’m not a fan of Under the Blade. Usually a debut album is pretty good but Twisted Sister went backwards. Their music got better after each new release.