The Honorary Consul (1983)


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Title: The Honorary Consul

Genre: Action,Drama,Romance

Director: John Mackenzie

Cast: Michael Caine,Richard Gere,Bob Hoskins,Elpidia Carrillo,Joaquim de Almeida,A Martinez,Stephanie Cotsirilos,Domingo Ambriz,Geoffrey Palmer,Leonard Maguire,Jorge Russek,Eric Valdez,Nicolás Jasso,Erika Carlsen,Josefina Echánove,Ramón Álvarez,George Belanger

Release: 1983-09-30

Runtime: 104

Plot: Set in a small politically unstable Latin American country, the story follows the half English and half Latino Dr. Eduardo Plarr, who left his home to find a better life. Along the way he meets an array of people, including British Consul Charley Fortnum, a representative in Latin America who is trying to keep Revolution from occurring. He is also a remorseful alcoholic. Another person the doctor meets is Clara, whom he immediately falls in love with, but there is a problem: Clara is Charley's wife.

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Never seen this one but I’m betting that it’s a good one. I always liked Richard Gere as an actor.