Booker (1989)


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Genre: Drama

Director: Stephen J. Cannell

Cast: Richard Grieco,Marcia Strassman,Carmen Argenziano,Katie Rich,Lori Petty

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Booker is an American crime drama series starring Richard Grieco that aired on the Fox Network from September 24, 1989 to May 6, 1990. The series is a spin-off of 21 Jump Street and the second installment of the 21 Jump Street series. The character of Dennis Booker was originally a recurring character on that police drama during its third season. The theme song for the series, "Hot in the City", was performed by Billy Idol.

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Booker was an 80s television show that first aired in 1989. It featured Richard Grieco and only lasted one season.

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