80s video games


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  1. Pete

    Pepper II

    Anyone ever play this one? According to the story behind this game there was no Pepper I. I wonder why name it Pepper II?
  2. Pete


    Do any of you remember War Games? It was based off the 1983 movie with Matthew Broderick.
  3. Pete

    The Activision Decathlon

    I never played this one but looks like a game that I'd play. Have any of you played this one?
  4. Pete


    Looping sounds like it's a fun game. Trying to avoid objects that are in your way is always fun. Maybe it's just me. Did any of you play it?
  5. Pete

    Jumpman Junior

    Any of you remember Jump Man Junior?
  6. Pete


    I think you're supposed to kill camels 🐫 in the dungeons to survive with this video game. those characters definitely look like camels to me. Do any of you remember this one? Venture was released for quite a few gaming systems like intellivison, colecovision, atari and more...
  7. Pete

    Alphabet Zoo

    Was Alphabet Zoo even an actual video game?
  8. Pete

    Space Panic

    Space Panic seems familiar but I'm not 100% that I played it. Do any of you remember it?
  9. Pete

    Burger Time

    A video game where you're a chef and have to walk over hamburger ingredients. Very interesting indeed. This video game defines the early 80s for sure lol.
  10. Pete


    Beamrider was released for atari 5200, atari 2600, commodore 64, colecovision,intellivision and what not during the early 80s. I never played this one.
  11. Pete


    Have any of you played H.E.R.O.? I don't remember it. It was released for quite a few gaming systems during the early 80s like Atari, Colecovision, arcade and more.
  12. Pete

    Mr. Do!

    A video game about collecting cherries and having to avoid the bad guys. Totally early 80s lol. How many of you played this one?
  13. Pete

    Brain Strainers

    Brain Strainers was like intelligence type of game. at least that what it sounds like. Have any of you played it?
  14. Pete


    The title of this Colecovision game sounds like an insult. Hey man don't be such a gorf! lol ok that's enough of my corny lines. Do any of you remember this video game?
  15. Pete

    Roc 'N Rope

    I don't remember the video game Roc'n Rope. Any of you played it?
  16. Pete

    Rocky Super Action Boxing

    Rocky Super Action Boxing was probably a fun one to play. How many of you remember it?
  17. Pete

    River Raid

    River Raid was first released for Atari 2600 and then Colecovision. I never played this one. Have any of you?
  18. Pete

    Cosmic Avenger

    Cosmic Avenger definitely sounds familiar. Do any of you know it? This is the arcade version but it was also released for Colecovision.
  19. Pete

    Antarctic Adventure

    Have any of you taken an Antarctic Adventure with this one? I can’t believe the amount of video games that were around for Colecovision back then.
  20. Pete


    Frenzy sounds like a fun game for the early 80s. Do any of you remember it?