Tuff Turf (1985)

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Title: Tuff Turf

Genre: Drama,Action,Romance

Director: Fritz Kiersch

Cast: James Spader,Kim Richards,Paul Mones,Matt Clark,Claudette Nevins,Olivia Barash,Robert Downey Jr.,Panchito Gómez,Michael Wyle,Catya Sassoon,Francis X. McCarthy,Art Evans,Herb Mitchell,Ceil Cabot,Donald Fullilove,Vivian Brown,Bill Beyers,Jered Barclay,Lou Fant,Gene Pietragallo,Donna Fuller,Evonne Kezios,Cheryl Ann Clark,Matt Gavin,Chad McCann,William Bergman,John Berry Jr.,Rick Braun,Mark Campbell,James R. Coile,Peter Freiberger,Andrew Kastner,Jack Mack,John Paruolo,Greg Smith,Dale Gonyea,Randy Lowell,Jon Ewen,Tom McShane,Wes Moczulski,Ray Zimmerman,Jim Carroll,Eric Kiertzner,Mike Lea,Tom Sims

Release: 1985-01-11

Runtime: 112

Plot: The new guy in a Los Angeles high school, Morgan, does some singing and fights hotshot Nick over disco dancer Frankie.

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Tuff Turf was a pretty bad 80s movie. I mean it’s as 80s as it can be but I think it was an awful movie. This new kid starting in a new school amd already wreaking havoc with the so call tough guys lol. The only good thing about the movie was the music.