Wolfen (1981)


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Title: Wolfen

Genre: Horror,Thriller

Director: Michael Wadleigh

Cast: Albert Finney,Diane Venora,Edward James Olmos,Gregory Hines,Tom Noonan,Dick O'Neill,Dehl Berti,Peter Michael Goetz,Sam Gray,Ralph Bell,Max M. Brown,Anne Marie Pohtamo,Sarah Felder,Reginald VelJohnson,James Tolkan,John McCurry,Chris Manor,Donald Symington,Jeffery Ware,E. Brian Dean,Jeffery V. Thompson,Victor Arnold,Frank Adonis,Richard Minchenberg,Raymond Serra,Thomas Ryan,Tony Latham,David Connell,Jery Hewitt,Roy Brocksmith,Michael Wadleigh,Joaquin Rainbow,John Ferraro,Rino Thunder,Glenn Benoit,Eddy Navas,Ricky Hawkeye,Pete Dyer,Paul Skyhorse,Gordon Eagle,Javier First-Day-Of-Light,George Stonefish,Julie Evening Lilly,Jane Lind,Annie Gagen,Max Goff,Cullen Johnson,Robert L. King,Robert Moberly,Caitlin O'Heaney,Tony Stratta,William Sheridan,Linda Gary,Charles Howerton,Burr DeBenning,Corey Burton,Patricia Parris,Andre Stojka,Dan Sturkie,Mel Welles,Diane Bivens,Robert Dahdah,Daniel D. Halleck,Angel Ramirez Jr.,Tom Waits

Release: 1981-07-24

Runtime: 115

Plot: A New York City cop and an expert criminologist trying to solve a series of grisly deaths in which the victims have seemingly been maimed by feral animals discover a sinister connection between the crimes and an old legend.

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I remember watching the movies Wolfen when I was a kid. It scared the hell out of me. Most wolf character always did spook me out when I was a kid.