MacGyver (1985)


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Genre: Action & Adventure

Director: Lee David Zlotoff

Cast: Richard Dean Anderson,Bruce McGill,Dana Elcar

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: He's everyone's favorite action hero... but he's a hero with a difference. Angus MacGyver is a secret agent whose wits are his deadliest weapon. Armed with only a knapsack filled with everyday items he picks up along the way, he improvises his way out of every peril the bad guys throw at him. Making a bomb out of chewing gum? Fixing a speeding car's breaks... while he's riding in it? Using soda pop to cook up tear gas? That's all in a day's adventures for MacGyver. He's part Boy Scout, part genius. And all hero.

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MacGyver was a pretty good show. He was the guy that can take your underwear and somehow turn into a barometer lol.

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