Hometown (1985)


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Genre: Comedy,Drama

Cast: Christine Estabrook,Daniel Stern,Jane Kaczmarek,Margaret Whitton,Franc Luz,John Bedford Lloyd

First aired:

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Show status: Ended

Overview: Hometown is an American dramedy series than ran on CBS from August 22 to October 15, 1985. The series was a direct adaptation of the smash hit 1983 movie The Big Chill, and centered around the same premise as the film: a group of friends all in their 30s, who had reunited after traveling separate paths following their college days in the 1960s. Upon their reunion, they found that they were even more so an integral part of each other's lives in the 1980s. Julie and Dinah Kirgo served as executive producers, with Barnet Kellman directing most of the episodes. Hometown was produced by Kingette Productions in association with Paramount Television.
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Hometown was a television show released in 1985 on CBS. The show didn’t make it after that.

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