Fright Night (1985)


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Title: Fright Night

Genre: Comedy,Horror

Director: Tom Holland

Cast: Chris Sarandon,William Ragsdale,Amanda Bearse,Roddy McDowall,Stephen Geoffreys,Jonathan Stark,Dorothy Fielding,Art Evans,Stewart Stern,Nick Savage,Ernie Holmes,Heidi Sorenson,Irina Irvine,Bob Corff,Pamela Brown,Chris Hendrie,Prince Hughes

Release: 1985-08-02

Runtime: 107

Plot: Charley Brewster, a high school student, accidentally discovers the true and creepy nature of Jerry Dandrige, his dashing and enigmatic new neighbor; but no one seems willing to believe him.

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I know of the movie Fright Night but I don’t recall if I’ve seen or not. Have you seen this one?