Crossbow (1987)


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Genre: Action & Adventure,Drama,Family

Director: Anthony Horowitz,Friedrich Schiller

Cast: Will Lyman,Jeremy Clyde,Dana Barron,Nick Brimble,Guy Rolfe,Robert Addie,John Otway,Hans Meyer,Melinda Mullins,Conrad Phillips,David Barry Gray

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Ended

Overview: Crossbow follows the adventures of William Tell and takes place in the 14th-century in Switzerland. William Tell and his son are imprisoned by the tyrannical Gessler. As Governor of Austria, Gessler plans to stop the Swiss uprising. Having split the apple on his son's head with his crossbow, much to Gessler's chagrin, there is no stopping William Tell's legendary strength and skill.

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Crossbow was an 80s television show that premiered in 1987. It first aired on the Famiky Channel if I’m not mistaken and ran until 1989. I don’t remember much about it. Have you seen Crossbow?

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