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  1. Pete

    Bull Fight

    This one sounds like it was a fun game. I don’t remember it. I wonder if the matador is screaming toro! Toro! during game play lol.
  2. Pete

    Sega Ninja

    Anyone ever play Sega Ninja also known as Ninja Princess?
  3. Pete

    Block Gal

    Any of you played this one? I don’t remember it at all.
  4. Pete

    Crack Down

    The description for Crack Down makes it sound so good. Do any of you remember this one?
  5. Pete

    Fantasy Zone

    This game sounds like you have to be high to enjoy it lol. Have any of you ever played Fantasy Zone back in the day?
  6. Pete


    Aleste reminds me of a similar game that I used to play on arcade. I don’t remember the name of it. I don’t think I ever played Aleste.
  7. Pete

    Teddy Boy Blues

    I think Teddy Boy Blues was only released in Japan. It’s a Sega arcade game so I could be wrong.
  8. Pete

    Ghost House

    Never heard of Ghost House. Have any of you?
  9. Pete


    Any of you remember the game Flicky? I never heard of it but then again I didn’t have Sega during the 80s. I was all about my Nintendo NES.
  10. Pete

    Phantasy Star

    I never heard of Phantasy Star. Did any of you play it?
  11. Pete

    Gain Ground

    I don’t remember Gain Ground. Do you?