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  1. Pete

    Peter Gabriel (1980)

    Title: Peter Gabriel Artist: Peter Gabriel Genre: Progressive Rock Released: 1980 Tracks: 1 - Intruder - 4:53 2 - No Self Control - 3:55 3 - Start - 1:20 4 - I Don't Remember - 4:42 5 - Family Snapshot - 4:28 6 - And Through the Wire - 5:00 7 - Games Without Frontiers - 4:06 8 -...
  2. Pete

    Phil Collins created the 80s sound and by accident

    I read an interesting fact in regard to Phil Collins and it’s a real good one. Maybe it’s because I love 80s music or maybe it’s because I played the bass for years and I pay attention to musical detail instinctively but whatever the reason I was really impressed. Phil Collins was definitely...
  3. Pete

    80s Nostalgia | Time to reminisce

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  4. 80s Nostalgia | Time to reminisce

    80s Nostalgia | Time to reminisce

    There are two kinds of nostalgia concerning the 1980s: nostalgia from those of us who were there to experience it, and nostalgia from younger generations who discover it and wish that they were. And you know what? That's OK, because we had the time of our lives one way or another. Reminiscing...