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  1. fords8

    Robotron: 2084

    The Colecovision had an add on so you could play Atari games. XPANSION MODULE #1 MODEL 2405 ATARI 2600 ADAPTER
  2. fords8

    80s toys

    Used to have one of these. Loved playing around with it.
  3. fords8

    Dig Dug

    Dig Dug was for sure a great game.
  4. fords8

    80s Tab soda ad

    I do. My grandma loved that stuff.
  5. fords8

    80s commercials

    Nintendo Game Boy TETRIS Original Commercial 1989
  6. fords8

    MacGyver (1985)

    MacGyver was a great show. Made anything from everything.
  7. fords8

    Married... with Children (1987)

    Pilot Season: 1 Episode: 1 Air date: 1987-04-05 Guest stars: Ritch Shydner,Diana Bellamy,Sue Ann Gilfillan,Linda Dona,Victor DiMattia,Holly Fields In this pilot we meet Al and Peg Bundy, a very dysfunctional Chicago family. In the pilot, Al and Peg, who have no friends, meet their new...
  8. fords8

    Rest in Peace Tina Turner

    For sure a sad day! Can't believe it still.
  9. fords8

    LEGO Announces a Pac-Man Arcade Machine Set

    Anyone else see this?
  10. fords8

    1981 Motor Trend Car Of The Year

    I had one too. Looked like this.
  11. fords8

    1981 Motor Trend Car Of The Year

    They sure were. Used to work on them a lot.
  12. fords8

    Hill Street Blues (1981)

    I used to watch it. I won't say I was a huge fan, but it was alright.
  13. fords8

    1981 Motor Trend Car Of The Year

    Chrysler K Cars, Dodge Aries And Plymouth Reliant Used to have a few of these.
  14. Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

    Title: Jaws: The Revenge Tagline: This time, it’s personal. Genre: Adventure,Thriller,Horror Director: Joseph Sargent Cast: Lorraine Gary,Lance Guest,Mario Van Peebles,Michael Caine,Karen Young,Judith Barsi,Lynn Whitfield,Mitchell Anderson,Jay Mello,Cedric Scott,Charles Bowleg,Mary...
  15. Jaws 3-D (1983)

    Title: Jaws 3-D Tagline: A deadly new attraction. Genre: Thriller,Horror Director: Joe Alves Cast: Dennis Quaid,Bess Armstrong,Simon MacCorkindale,Louis Gossett Jr.,John Putch,Lea Thompson,P.H. Moriarty,Dan Blasko,Liz Morris,Lisa Maurer,Harry Grant,Andy Hansen,P.T. Horn,John...
  16. fords8

    Porky's (1981)

    Porky’s was a great movie. Good funny stuff.
  17. fords8

    Miner 2049er

    Video of the game. Released1982 on Apple II Releases by Date (by platform) 1982 (Apple II) 1982 (Atari 8-bit) 1983 (PC Booter) 1983 (Commodore 64) 1983 (Atari 2600) 1983 (Atari 5200) 1983 (ColecoVision) 1983 (TI-99/4A) 1984 (VIC-20) 1984 (Sharp X1) 1984 (PC-88) 1984 (FM-7) 1985 (Thomson TO)...
  18. fords8

    Night Court (1984)

    All You Need is Love Season: 1 Episode: 1 Air date: 1984-01-04 Guest stars: Gail Strickland,Joseph V. Perry,Peggy McCay,Rita Taggart,Luke Andreas,Andrew Bloch,Matt Landers,Cal Gibson Harold T. Stone becomes a night court judge and settles a dispute involving a woman threatening her...
  19. fords8

    Donkey Kong Junior

    Fun game and was good at it.
  20. fords8

    Third Stage (1986)

    Some great song from them.