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  1. 80sDiva

    Funny 80s Hairstyles

    Omfg you're right!!!!
  2. 80sDiva

    MTV Unplugged (1989)

    I'm with you on that. That song was not made to be unplugged hehe.
  3. 80sDiva

    McDonalds in the 80s

    You don't remember these? I do. They were made out of like real thin plastic from what I remember. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  4. 80sDiva

    Step Back in Time at Zagreb's 80's Museum

    I guess Croatia really really loved the eighties to have a museum dedicated to it. That is so cool!
  5. 80sDiva

    MTV Unplugged (1989)

    What are you talking about?! Are you mad??? I loved unplugged.
  6. 80sDiva

    Funny 80s Hairstyles

    She is like the last big boss that you have to face to beat the game hehehe!! That hair is amazing!
  7. 80sDiva

    The Trick or Treating thread

    Right? They want to do things the easy way.
  8. 80sDiva

    Night of the Comet (1984)

    No way!! You never watched night of the comment? This was like one of those real low budget movies but it was good!
  9. 80sDiva

    Back to the Beat: Reliving the Dance Hits of the 80s

    I love this article! The eighties did have some the best dance hits.
  10. 80sDiva

    This Week (1981)

    Omg I have you by 4 years!
  11. 80sDiva

    This Week (1981)

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I don't like him. You don't remember him because he wasn't popular during the early and mid eighties.
  12. 80sDiva

    Do you have any pets?

    Hehe i have a parakeet.
  13. 80sDiva

    High school during the 80s

    Omg!! It almost made me cry ha! I miss those days.
  14. 80sDiva

    Mirrors (1986)

    She has some pretty cool songs. Before here I never knew of her.
  15. 80sDiva

    On This Day November 6th 1984 Ronald Reagan was Re-Elected President of the U.S.A.

    All I know is that my parents loved him.
  16. 80sDiva

    On this day on 1980 Edith Passed Away on the show Archie Bunker's Place

    Omg I remember that episode. I remember wanting to cry.
  17. 80sDiva

    The Trick or Treating thread

    It's a 90s thing and it's actually referred to as trunk or treating. Lazy parents that used the excuse that it's a safer alternative than going door to door. I say lazy because that's exactly what the reason is. I don't buy the other excuse.
  18. 80sDiva

    The Joy of Painting (1983)

    I loved watching the afro man. He made painting look so easy.
  19. 80sDiva

    The Trick or Treating thread

    Yes!! It's not the same at all. That's just easier for parents that don't want to walk around the neighborhood with their children. You rarely saw that during the 1980s.
  20. 80sDiva

    Mr. Belvedere (1985)

    I did too! What didn’t I watch?? :LOL: