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    McDonalds in the 80s

    The bomb!
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    80s toys

    I remember that record player. I think my neighbor had one.
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    I played it on arcade long long long ago.
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    The Cabbage Patch Kids Riots of 1983

    People went crazy for the cabbage dolls. I remember when they came out. My younger sister had like 3 or 4 of them.
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    3 Men and a Baby (1987)

    With the kid that killed himself or something right?
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    80s Celebrities Photo Thread

    Michale Jackson and the Goonies on the movie set. Second image is David Lee Roth.
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    Funny 80s Hairstyles

    I found an updated photo of that. It’s missing the last row.
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    Barry (1980)

    You’d be surprised. This cat was pretty popular with the older generations.
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    Night of the Comet (1984)

    You won’t like it.
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    Today on November 20th 1983 Microsoft Released Windows 1.0

    Changed the world completely. I think this was one of the most significant and technological creations in modern history. In general any operating system but Microsoft will always be the most popular one.
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    Sales Tax

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    All or Nothing (1988)

    They kept it going for a good while.
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    Pretty in Pink (1986)

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    Funny 80s Hairstyles

    This was hair style was named after the Great Wall of China.
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    Back to the Beat: Reliving the Dance Hits of the 80s

    I didn’t see It takes 2 by Rob Bass. That was and still is the ultimate 80s dance song.
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    This Week (1981)

    I never liked his politics. I remember the show. I’m 57 so I have you all beat.
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    Night of the Comet (1984)

    This was a boring movie. A cheesy 80’s film.
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    80’s Memes

    Or pull out the cable so you didn’t listen to that annoying ass busy tone
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    Today on November 13th 1982 the Vietnam Memorial was Dedicated

    My two uncles served in that war. Luckily they made it back in one piece. Both were marines.