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Brad Bartlett
4 min read
Synth, Pop, and Rebellion: The Evolution of Music in the 1980s In the panorama of cultural history, the 1980s stands out as a decade of bold expression and radical change, particularly in music. The sonic landscape was reshaped with the emergence of various genres, each leaving an indelible...
2 min read
From dance music to new wave, to glam metal to dance-pop, the 1980s had it all when it comes to music, with artists trying to outdo themselves and each other as the decade wore on. Every January 1st, we symbolically look ahead in hope of better days for ourselves and the world around us over the...
Brad Bartlett
5 min read
80s Icons: From Madonna to Michael Jackson Ah, the 1980s! A time of audacious fashion, larger-than-life personalities, and music that continues to resonate across the decades. The 80s was an era that birthed some of pop culture's most unforgettable icons figures who transformed the music...