Hop on your bike for a free-wheeling ride up the avenues of not-so-typical suburbia. There are papers to be delivered, robbers to be foiled, and fame and fortune to be won as you brave the mean streets. Avoid motorcycles, tricycles, traffic, tires, gratings, curbs, dogs, skateboarders, breakdancers, bad guys, and other hazards as you deliver to your customers. Earn bonus points by hitting targets along the obstacle course at the end of your route. With superb animation and sound effects, Paperboy brings home all the thrills, spills, challenge, and excitement you loved in the arcades.
Players: 1
Co-op: No
Genre: Action
Publisher: Elite Systems Ltd.
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Mr. Eighties

Apr 29, 2023
Paper boy was one of my favorite 80s game. I played it all the time and I was awful at it. As a matter of fact I play it on my home arcade emulator and I still suck at it. One day I’ll make it to stage four. I feel it in my bones. One day.